Mariama B. (Case #92947)

I was very happy with the service. Everyone was very respectful and prompt in their responses.They exude impeccable service at this office.

This is a wonderful attorney. She spoke to me with respect. She made sure that she explained everything to me in lamons terms but never made me feel uneducated. She made sure that everything was clear and I really appreciated that.

The practice made me feel respected through out my case. There was never a time that I did not feel important. They were very hands on in following up with me and my children. They made sure that we understood all the information about our case. When we had questions, The attorney’s and legal assistants never made us feel as though we were wasting time, they answered all our questions and concern with patience and respect. They made everything was explained in laymen’s terms, but never made us feel stupid by doing so. I have recommended Ken Nugent Practice to several people that needed representation for their accidents. I was very pleased with the treatment that my children and I received. Thank you Ken Nugent.